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...why are the discarded masks not treated as hazardous waste? Where are the medical waste bins to put them in?

I believe that is a valid question, although I do not doubt that the virus IS deadly.

We should have disposal processes in place in every public toilet facility, for starters.

The videos that came out of China initially were terrifying, but whatever was going on there didn't happen anywhere else, people dropping in the streets, dead and dying in hospital waiting rooms etc.

Yes it has/is.

Revisit @MatsuShimizu 's offering on the Delta variant in India.


I never thought you already knew that.

Of course I do! ;)

I'm very interested in logic and, by extension, cognitive biases. Mathematics is a language used to describe the philosophy of math - which is logicism.

Math is a way to evaluate statements for logic.

2 + 2 = 4

It's not just arithmetic, it's logic. Take two items, take two more items, and count 'em. Of course, if you get heavily into math (graduate level stuff), you'll learn that it's logicism all the way down. Our friend Bertrand Russell spent like 172 pages trying to prove that 1 + 1 = 2 and in the end just concluded that it equals two because we all agree it's logical for it to equal two.

A lovely article for you:

However, I don't want this thread to digress. Let's do our best to keep it COVID related - and that applies to me as well!
I believe that is a valid question, although I do not doubt that the virus IS deadly.

It's a matter of logistics and rational thinking. We can't reasonably enact all possible 'best prevention' measures. It's the same reason why we weren't and aren't running around in Hazmat suits. It's logistically unrealistic and nothing that can be reasonably enforced. They expect you to be an adult and dispose of your masks in the trash, where people shouldn't be pulling things out and playing with them. It's a very low-risk vector. Is it a hazard? Of course. Is it enough to warrant special treatment? No, just stop digging in the trash. The virus only lives a few days on a mask, under the best of circumstances.

We accept some risks for practicality sake.

The question is absurd and meant to be some sorta 'gotcha' when the answer is perfectly reasonable.
Aah, good to see, Nelson. I have been thinking on writing on this, but I will take a look at your offerings first.

Ta for sharing :)
Escaping the anti-vax conspiracy rabbit hole - Video from BBC News article here
Novavax vaccine more than 90% effective in U.S. trial - Yahoo, Reuters
WHO says Covid is spreading faster than the global distribution of vaccines - CNBC
Covid: Lockdown easing in England to be delayed by four weeks - BBC
Health experts say India missed early alarm, let deadly coronavirus variant spread - Reuters
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Re: @brickwizard's link

I'd suggest folks at least read the executive summary. (page 5)
A colleague of mine from another department died of corona this afternoon, he was in the high risk category.
I really don't want to hit 'like' on your post, f33dm3. So, you have my condolences.
I really don't want to hit 'like' on your post, f33dm3. So, you have my condolences.
Thanks! He was always a nice guy to talk to even though we only spoke every now and then, great colleague to work with and a good person. He will be missed!
our deepest sympathy to his family and friends
Five U.S. states had coronavirus infections even before first reported cases in 2019 - Reuters
Another life-saving Covid treatment found - BBC
U.S. buys another 200 million doses of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine
Sydney records first local COVID-19 case in more than a month - Reuters
New South Wales (NSW) state said it is not clear how the unnamed man in his 60s acquired the virus, but he was a driver who occasionally transported overseas airline crew.
With child-size needles, France starts giving COVID jab to 12-year-olds - Reuters Youtube Channel
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Meanwhile.....Down in Australia....

Professor Kelly said the number of reports in the 50- to 59-year-old age range was the "key new information" that led to ATAGI's decision.

He said it had shifted the risk to benefit ratio of the vaccine for that age group, meaning the risks of developing a clot outweighed the benefit of being protected against severe COVID-19.

More dangerous ‘delta’ strain now classified ‘variant of concern’ in U.S. - CNBC
WHO says delta Covid variant has now spread to 80 countries and it keeps mutating - CNBC
Hundreds of Indonesian doctors contract COVID-19 despite vaccination, dozens hospitalised - Reuters
India reports 67,208 new COVID-19 cases, 2,330 deaths - Reuters
S.Korea to mix-and-match COVID-19 vaccine doses for 760,000 people - Reuters
Several countries, including Canada and Spain, have already approved such dose-mixing mainly due to concerns about rare and potentially fatal blood clots linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine.
COVID-19 cases hit an all-time daily high in Moscow - Reuters
Russia, the world's largest country, on Friday reported 17,262 new COVID-19 cases nationwide, pushing the national infection tally to 5,281,309 since the pandemic began.
India should brace for third COVID-19 wave by Oct, say health experts - Reuters
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Vaccine is very real .....more so in some countries than others.

Russia, take a bow (Not!!)

Vacine Hesitancy.png

As we reel from the news of the Astra Zeneca vaccination advice, a timely reminder that we continue to build this plane while we fly it. Vaccine hesitancy in Australia is the third highest in the world. We must figure a way to not only better reassure, but to drive understanding about how Australia will be left behind if we don't vaccinate.

And that applies to every other country with "Vaccine Hesitaters/Doubters...etc

Therefore, it applies to the WORLD.

Don't be a tosser....get jabbed.
Global COVID-19 death toll exceeds 4 million - Reuters
The figures largely come from official country, state, county and territory government and public health department websites. For details, read the Reuters methodology here.
BioNTech shots have stronger antibody response than Sinovac, Hong Kong study shows
Delta COVID variant becoming globally dominant - WHO
The latest COVID-19 statistics according to chart from the Reuters - More than 177,000,000 infections and more than 4 million deaths
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