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I was a little bit saddened/disturbed to find recently that one of my good friends has "long covid"...which means that even though you recovered from the original illness, you still have residual symptoms that are either permanent or near permanent. I think there are probably ways to get rid of this that are currently unknown to doctors. My friend and his brother at times get exhausted by very small amounts of exercise.

My bout with COVID was (fortunately) very light. I'm not sure if I mentioned it in public? I did let one person know via PM, just in case it interfered with my moderation duties. It kinda did as I was pretty tired for a few days.

While there's no 100% evidence, it's strongly supported in the data... My light case of COVID was likely a light case because I'd vaccinated and boosted. At my age, I'm grateful for that. I'm healthy enough that I'd likely be just fine had it been more severe, but it really wasn't that bad.
I've never had fully vaccinated and wear a mask everywhere I go and will forever because it's not like the flu as so many people seem to think.
Wife and I just got our 5th jab this jab was the multi version jab or whatever it's called without me pulling out the medical records.

We still wear masks and hate it however we would hate getting Covid even more so we continue to wear the mask.

We still carry the sanitizer everywhere we go and practice safe distancing and choose our going out times where crowds are small.
my fifth jab will around the start of our winter (june july august)
Unfortunately the people who wrote that don't seem to be able to tell us any symptoms. These variants seem to be proof that COVID has gone beyond it's initial stages and is more of a permanent fixture of human life. I feel bad for people who are vulnerable to the weaker variants, because there's inevitably not going to be much of any effort to isolate and control these variants to keep them from getting it.
We have had 4 each and are not scheduled for any more in the UK
Common symptoms include coughing, fever, loss of smell and taste, with less common ones including headaches, nasal congestion and runny nose, muscle pain, sore throat, diarrhea, eye irritation, and toes swelling or turning purple, and in moderate to severe cases, breathing difficulties.
I've had 4 and haven't heard of another one...I wear a mask everywhere I go and never had covid.

All the testing centres around my area have been closed...I'm glad we don't have to do that QR scan thing anymore...what a pain in the you know where.

As for symptoms...I know someone who had coughing...headaches...runny nose and a sore tested and came back negative.
My Doctor need a 5th covid jab if you have Diabetes...which I don't but nothing's been said on the news.
Just to put the figure in some sort of perspective, that equates to MORE then THREE TIMES Australia's ENTIRE Population

as of now I am fully vaccinated, and I'm up to date with all my shots. but I wanted to share my covid experience. to put it short it was hell. Covid hit me like a train right after I had graduated high school. I got it pretty bad and with my pre-existing medical issues I was likely going to get really sick and I did. I didn't get hospitalized more because my family nor I could afford it actually needing hospitalization. I got some awful fatigue and pains. I could compare it to being hit by a train with the flu, but take this statement with a grain of salt because I've never been hit by a train.
I still haven't fully recovered from covid as I've gotten stuck with long-term or even permanent symptoms. everything I taste tastes rotten and I generally cannot smell anything, as well as some pretty bad stamina. I'm lucky its nothing more than that and I'm grateful I didn't have to be hospitalized. this all happened back in early 2020
Covid sucked and we all know that. stay safe everyone!

and wash your hands.
The US CDC recommended a 5th vaccine shot for people in certain categories. The recommendation came out last August or September (2022).
Here (Aussie) we're always very slow to take notice of world experts when it comes to covid because out pollies think they know best.
we have only had 4

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