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Apr 30, 2017
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I have given this a great deal of thought, and decided to start a Thread where people can come and share on COVID, and maybe learn something as well.

Before you contribute to this Thread, please read or re-read the Off Topic Rules, as written by Rob (when he provided this subforum we all enjoy), and as revised by me.

I have just re-read them myself, so please do so.

In the spirit of those Rules, I do not expect to see Posts blaming political parties for how they have handled, or mis-handled, the pandemic, nor blaming certain countries for same.

If you post links to articles, please give us a one-liner, or thereabouts, describing the content, and crediting the source. You'll see what I mean. No Twitter (or similar) references please.

If there are problems arising, I will deal with them, and I do not want to have to close down the Thread because of any, and so it is my earnest hope that you will all behave with the same spirit that you employ in helping others on Linux-related matters in Forum.

Cheers and stay safe


Are we allowed to post jokes around COVID?
Not a good idea, IMO. Any number of our Members may have had friends and family affected by COVID.

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That is a really good video, @MatsuShimizu :)

Thanks for sharing.

Bout all I have to say is if you're healthy than get the shot and if you have any doubts about taking the shot consult with your doctor.

Wear a mask and don't complain about having to wear a mask as it's a small inconvenience to be asked of everyone.

Keep a good supply of at least 70% percent isopropyl alcohol or sanitizer with you at all times to help to keep the spread of all germs down.

And please wash your hands after using public comfort facilities because I see so many who are slobs and don't.

We pay attention to the health officials and doctors who really know.

This will never get better and life as we once knew it will never return to normal or at least what we were used to unless we all do our part.

The Wife and I have recieved our shots (moderna) and when shots are safely approved for our children than we will have them vaccinated.

Stay safe and do your part to help others stay safe and respect concerns others may have about their safety.

My family wears masks and believe in social distancing and will continue to do so until we see majors improvements of Covid being under control.

Only my opinion.
Just a note on some of the scare stories.
All medication carries risk of adverse reaction, most people will be lucky and not suffer any [the OH has had her two doses with no effect] some will suffer mild symptoms [I have had both, after my 1st dose on days 2&3 I was tired, nothing after the 2nd dose] and extremely rare are those who suffer severe reactions, If in doubt read the manufacturers information prior to your jab it contains information on those who suffer from allergies and other conditions which may increase your risk, but wherever you live think daily hazards are a bigger risk than the medication. [EG if you live in a major city your more likely to be killed in a road accident or be shot than reaction to medication]..
Just remember NO ONE IS SAFE, even after vaccination [although 80% aprox lower] you are still at risk Please everyone take sensible precautions to protect your selves, your families and so the wider population.
in the words of Spock [the Vulcan not the doctor]
Live long and prosper
The mutations of the virus are the most worry thing as they can jeopardise efficiency of the present vaccines especially if we humans don't pull our fingers out and get the largest numbers of people vaccinated as soon as possible. Meaning that it will be a lot longer before we are all able to be back to the new normal.
The mutations of the virus are the most worry thing as they can jeopardise efficiency of the present vaccines especially if we humans don't pull our fingers out and get the largest numbers of people vaccinated as soon as possible. Meaning that it will be a lot longer before we are all able to be back to the new normal.
if we humans don't pull our heads out .... and you know where I'm talking about.

To many think they are invincible and don't need to get a Covid vaccine or wear a mask.

The Covid vaccine doesn't prevent getting Covid however it won't be as bad if you do get Covid after being vaccinated.

People really need to get their act together and do what's needed to help lower the Covid outbreaks and Covid surges.
Well, I happened to be a nurse and live in Brazil; two theoretically good things, but not at the present time - negationism fits like a glove in the political project of certain populist governments.

Fortunately, we have a public health system that recently turned thirty years old. Not all countries have this privilege. That's what has been holding us back, if you can say that. To give you an idea, we didn’t get different “peaks” of deaths here, because to have peaks, there must be a fall - so far, the “peaks” in cases and deaths have been followed by a larger plateau than the previous one, and so we continue to naturalize an unacceptable constant average of daily deaths.

On this somewhat ugly page we have gathered updated info, in a consortium of researchers and journalists, since the official data has not been that reliable

We got under 9% of people vacinate, which knowing the potential of our health system, is far below the potential we would have if we were operating at full throttle, with coordinated government campaigns and regions speaking the same language. We are talking about the country that has one of the most successful experiences in the world in combating HIV for example, so it is unfortunate.

In the health field, coronaviruses are the most studied family of viruses in the world, I imagine that they are second only to the herpes virus. This gave us some relative advantage in developing vaccines. The strategies are known and relatively inexpensive, and most countries in the world have the structure to put them into action.

Without wishing to extend many debates as well, we have some good reasons to reflect on why we live, in many parts of the world, in contexts in which caring for the population is not seen as possible, even if it is.

(Homeless people, hunger, etc. all of this, we know, we are talking about old problems here).

But I really think that we are going through a testing phase, on several levels, and that we need to look at this moment with affection, calmness and attention, and learn from it as much as possible.

Hope I didn't get off-topic in a bad way, but some things are as they are.
:) With the more recent inputs from #6 on - thanks ever so much for sharing so that we can get a better understanding of how nations are responding during this marathon ordeal, the likes of which many of us have not seen during our lifetimes:)

... and hope to never again.

I'll have some more thoughts ala Mr Spock, over my weekend, and in the meantime it's Friday here in Oz so stay safe and


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Well regardless of what the CDC in the USA announced on Thursday May 13, 2021 about mask wearing inside and outside.

My family and I are still going to wear Masks and social distance where possible at public places.

I know there are to many who will never get the vaccine so therefore I feel it's best to remain cautious and safe.
How dangerous is the Indian variant of the coronavirus? | COVID-19 Special

WHO: Triple-mutant Covid variant from India is now a potential global health risk
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Which is why we still continue to practice safe habits and continue wearing masks and social distance where possible.

I still work a few days a week from home however I'm having to be on location as the state dept offices slowly return to full operational capacity.
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Elaine and I have finally got a booking approved with our doctor to get jabbed next Monday at 12:30. We are getting the Astra-Zeneca.

I'll then have to wait a few weeks to get my annual flu shot, Elaine has already had hers.

Stay safe, all my friends and thanks for the contributions.
I got the Pfizer shot today. It requires a 2nd shot in 21 days. My paperwork says Pfizer BioNTech.

I didn't ask a whole lot of questions, as I read a bunch ahead of time. The lady that gave me the shot looked run down/haggard. So, I told her to not worry about the whole spiel and to just go ahead and stick me. Needles don't bother me, or anything like that.

The longest parts were filling out the paperwork, waiting for the shot, and then waiting 15 minutes to see if I had any immediate side effects.

I have a headache and have had some muscle cramps in the chest and torso. Those may be entirely unrelated.

I intend to continue wearing a mask.

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