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Converting Between the Ubuntus

Discussion in 'Ubuntu' started by DevynCJohnson, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Nederjaard

    Nederjaard Guest

    Hi Devyn, thanks for this post! I used it recently to convert from my former Kubuntu installation to Xubuntu. I wanted something lighter, tighter and faster. Kubuntu gave me some headaches with indexing etc. Anyhow, when I followed the first couple of lines you gave in this post, all went well, but for the fact that Kubuntu was never really removed and/or auto-cleaned. Especially the latter command
    sudo apt-get auto-clean
    never worked. The message I got was:
    E: invalid operation auto-clean
    or something along those lines (I forgot to note, sorry). I left it as it was and continued with purging (Kubuntu apps) and auto-cleaning, following the code you gave above. I checked the launcher and many of the Kubuntu application continued to exist there. Also, when Xubuntu was started, I could still choose between KDE plasma desktop and Xubuntu session, much like what happened to Mitt Green earlier in the thread. So I did one or two reboots and still they were there. I also need to work so I put the rest aside, until I tried to auto-clean once more in the evening. Then something happended that I did not understand: I saw lines flashing by telling me that several apps were being removed, but among those many apps had either the letter "x" or downright "xfce" in their names. After a reboot, I still could choose between KDE and Xubuntu, but Xubuntu could not run "xfce-4", and then gave me a message that "GNOME" could not be found. KDE still worked, so that's why I'm able to write you this. Do you have any idea what could have gone wrong and/or how to solve this ? Let me know if you need more specific info, so I can look it up for you.
    Thanks in advance !

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  2. Nederjaard

    Nederjaard Guest

    Hi Devyn, I just saw your reply as an addition to your original post :) Thanks for that ! I'll have a look shortly and let you know what the results are.
  3. KMyers

    KMyers Guest

    Sorry to bump this old thread but another trick would be using "tasksel"

    From a terminal, run "sudo apt-get install tasksel aptitude"

    Once finished, run "sudo tasksel" and check the suites you wish to install. This method will also allow you to install "Ubuntu Studio" which is great for multimedia work.
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  4. Nederjaard

    Nederjaard Guest

    Hi KMyers, thanks for your tip...tried it out, but still have the problem with "held packages". The Ubuntu Studio looks cool, though :)

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