continued Internet Server Error 500 page keeps coming up.



For some time now I have been getting the Internet Server Error 500 page and my host can not find out whats going on. They have checked the server many times and also moved me to one of there other newer servers and still the same!

I have looked in to using the 'try' function, but can not see how this would work if the server itself is not working correctly. I have had all errors logged in a file and nothing shows up when the page is shown to us. Does anyone know what else can they be asked to try out to see if they can fix this problem.

The errors show when a form is filled out and submitted. It does not happen all of the time, maybe about 10% of the time. I have code at the top of all pages that logs all errors and stores them in a file and nothing is showing up. I know that the error log works as I changed one of the files and put an error in it and that error shows up in the log, so it is logging them. But nothing seem to show for the Internet Server Error 500 problems.