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Connecting printer on ubuntu


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Jun 14, 2022
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operating system: ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
Would like to install printer HP envy 6020e. system would recognize it if it is connected with usb, but would not be able to find right codecs, drivers or package to install (I am really an amateur). I close all windows and start again and was able to install printer correctly (program leaded me through steps). I click to print test page and it printed only signs on the edge of the page. what to do?
thank you for answer.

go to the software manage, put HP in the search you need the following installed
Print-driver Hpcups
Print driver postscript Hp
install any that may be missing,
then go to all applications, scroll down to printers, and make sure yours is listed and enabled
Hello @brenta,
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With ubuntu that printer should be install automatically but at times things don't go right.
Go to a terminal and install hplip-gui
sudo apt update
sudo apt install hplip-gui
The look for HP Toolbox in the menu select it.
Follow the instructions to install the printer. This will install all you need and give you a status icon in the system tray as well.
Good luck.

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