Complete Event Logger


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While an operator of a mainframe, every major event was logged making it very simple to follow everything the computer was doing. Granted, this took CPU; but, it made life so easy and provided a historical log for all manner of processing. I seek to discover the same capability with Linux. It may mean modifying the OS or some library code if not already an existing part of the OS. I want to log every program start/end, every file open/close, file create/delete, every log in/out, drive/CD/DVD/etc. mount/dismount, every wifi connected/disconnected, every internet web sent to or received from, etc. for all operating and application programs. For instance, I could see every file opened/closed including libraries during the computer power up sequence. I have not found a singular log nor package that can provide what I consider a basic level of event logging. Hopefully someone has since I have spent a day looking without reasonable success; only find minimal and piecemeal stuff.

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