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Compiling binutils


Luiz Fernando

Can someone explain me how to compile binutils, i tried many tutorials but none of their worked.

Which distro are you using? Why are you trying to compile and not just installing from Repository?
Fedora 20.
Because i am trying to compile the valve's source engine, and it returns a assembly error. So i saw on a forum that i must update my binutils.
I tried install using yum, but is already installed, i just need to update.
The latest binutils is 2.24 http://www.gnu.org/software/binutils/

According to the Fedora package system the latest binutils is 2.24-23.fc22 (fedora 22)

You may wish to switch to an officially support distribution. IE Ubuntu.

Building binutils from source is a very difficult process. To build from source basically requires you to build the entire GNU toolchain from source.

This may help you but be warned that messing too much with binutils, gcc, and other gnu tools can harm your system.


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