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I have written several software package for Linux (Raspberry pi) and unloaded into github with source code. Hope some of you have time can review it and give comments or feedback for improvement. Only working together can we defeat the digital intrusion everywhere. Only working together can we build a better future.

(English is not my first language.)

(1) Randomize Internet Activity

There's no way to hide your identity in the Internet. The only way to protect yourself is to misinformation it, so no conclusion can be made about you.

The following command can be run manually in the background (e.g. nohup) or as a service initiated at boot time.
Command - randomly send out search traffic to major search engines.
misinfo -f file -t duration -d dictionary
-f file ; file that contain search sites. One line per site.
; For example: the file has following 3 lines
-t duration ; search activity is activated every duration times
;(in seconds, plus 0~(duration -1) random interval)
-d dictionary ; search the words in the dictionary file
; default: random Google search website's random words
The following command runs around the clock, for every 5 seconds (+0~4 random interval), search the specified websites defined in "file" file, for random words in a random google returned website's random words.

Overtime, the search engines get various confusion data about you. This way, they can not build a profile of you.

misinfo -f file -t 5

(2) Obscure your browser and OS fingerprint

Every time when you are surfing Internet, your Browser and OS, screen resolution, and the like, are part of (somewhat) unique fingerprint that can identify you. This program is run as service in the background. It checks all the outbound traffic to 80, 443 port or others (you can specify) and replace browser's environment with randomly picked replacement ones, such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, and OS as iOS, Win, Linux, etc., so the receiving websites do not get fixed identify of you.

obs -p port -id file

-p port ; default is 80 and 443 ports. You can add other ports
-id file ; default is predefined random identity. but you can
; specify yours in the file, one in a line.

(3) Obscure iOS logging activity

Every time, when you wake up iPhone or iPad or iOS device, a network traffic is sent to apple server (your can use tcpdump to verify this). There's no reason for Apple, Inc. to do this. Overtime, their database has all the user activities recorded, when the iOS device is used, for how long, search key words, etc, etc.

This program is run as service in the background, and intercept all the iOS outbound traffic. It replace your iOS device's unique ID with some other random but valid iOS ID. It also sends record to Apple, Inc. server around the clock, every randomly defined seconds, so Apple will not have a good profile of you on when exactly and how many times each date you are using its devices.

ios1 -t interval

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