Command line hypervisor (no X)




I have a Debian 8 server, with only a command line installation.
No X

I would like to install a hypervisor (like vmware workstation is in windows)

Do you know of any hypervisor which does not need an X server installation? Like one which would be managed from a web browser or something? Nothing too fancy, I just need to install a Windows server on it.

Thank you



I'm no expert on virtualisation, so I don't know if this is entirely appropriate for your situation, but I do know that KVM can be administered using the command line, or via a GUI, or a combination of both!
Once KVM is set up on your host and you have your VM up and running, I imagine that you'd be able to administer it by ssh-ing into a session on the host server and then use virsh - KVM's command-line interface to do whatever you need to do to the virtualised server...Other than KVM, I'm not sure!
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