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I see it say you could create your own app in as little as five minutes. Is that looking from a coders perspective or everyone's perspective. I barely get sudo commands (why I came across the Ubuntu store) how do you even code apps for linux. The reason I chose linux as a programming system is because I can't really code for anything other than windows from within windows. I am encountering some difficulty with programming however I will post any useful apps and other creations here when I get some coder experience. :cool:

I'm not an expert but I think your application will have to be pretty high quality to make it on the Ubuntu Software Center. If you wanna distribute your apps you might wanna start by posting them on SourceForge and seeing if they catch on. Sorry if I couldn't give you a definitive reply, I'm not really a coder. :confused:
You lost me there. You can code for Windows? So you know programming? Then coding for Linux is not a very different thing. Or are you talking about something else when you say you can code for Windows?
Programming is 80% understanding and 20% syntax. When you can do the first, the rest is just reading a bit of documentation.

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