So I chroot to / instead of /bin/bash or /bin/sh today on a new install. I was wondering if I should change this or not?

Your description of your issue is not really clear. Can you provide us with more details?
Sorry is was late. The question probably should read:

When you/I chroot into a newly installed system I left out the /bin/bash in the line command line (chroot /mnt , not chroot /mnt /bin/bash).

I wanted to know the impact this could lead to.
you may or may not be using bash when not including the specific shell.
The install docs said by omitting the /bin/bash It would default to the sh shell. What would be the default if I installed a plug in play OS like Ubuntu? Should it be /bin/bash?
OS is Arch Linux latest.
The operating system is installed to the point of running xwindows. I just wanted to know if I should change that before moving forward.
Are you using chroot or arch-chroot during the Arch install?

when logged into your user account, type the following into a terminal to find the Shell you are using:
echo $SHELL
Yes I arch-chroot and the output of "echo $SHELL" = /bin/bash.
I guess that's the norm??
It is yes. /bin/bash is the default for almost all distributions.

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