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Cheap Laptops


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May 3, 2019
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At the other end of the spectrum, we have laptops like...

.. but only people like @KGIII can afford these. :cool:
Dell isn't a bad brand. These have enough juice to run most modern Linux Distro's.
Both of those are Chromebooks... not a product that I would recommend for Linux. Both only have 16 GB of internal storage, probably eMMC considering their price. They also likely cannot be upgraded to larger SSD's. RAM also is probably not able to upgrade.

In the past few years I've bought several similar cheap Lenovo Ideapad Slim models (except brand new, about $120 "Black Friday" prices)... but they are not Chromebooks. And for the extra cost, they have more storage, 64 GB or 128 GB. They too cannot be upgraded (RAM or SSD), but they run Linux well and the extra storage makes them acceptable for my needs. A reminder though... when I bought them new, it was difficult to find a distro that could use the built in wireless, as it is with many "latest-greatest" computers. They do not have ethernet jacks either, so a wireless dongle was needed right away.
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Hmm, cheap laptops.......I don't buy lappies any more but you can find lots suitable for running Linux on Ebay & charity websites, it's where I get all my machines these days. :)

(Just bought a Lenovo Intel i3/4GB ram including PSU for £13.49 from Cancer Research Ebay store.) ;)
Both of those are Chromebooks... not a product that I would recommend for Linux.

I didn't say they were the greatest... :) Only that they could work.
If you want to go with a "real" laptop, the price goes up accordingly.

Cheap options can be a great deal as long as they do the job. I have a couple of cheap laptops in addition to my main one and I am more than happy with their performance.
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I have had really good service from these guys in USA
This particular mission proved being a hit-or-miss case for me. From now on Dell is now "Dull" instead: no sparkles, especially for the cost that ain't too cheap. Linux certification was some bad joke at my own expense, pilots will probably reach maturity when it's ready to die on me anyway... And of course, the slogan « Fix once, break many »re-verifies again and again with every new "spin" release. Too bad i can't get a 2nd try, it's a Windows product basically and there's no motive for returns in that arena. Just plain dull; i needed it nearly as much as a punishment...

Dull, dull, dull.
We have a big advantage in the 'Puppy' world. You don't NEED huge horsepower to run a Pup; any old 64-bit dual-core lappie with 2-4 GB will tick the boxes just fine.

My 2008 Dell Latitude D630 dual-boots a pair of Pups very sweetly. Cost me around GBP £70 as a refurb, with a T7250 Core2Duo and 4 GB DDR2.......which some fool had shoe-horned Win 10 into! Doesn't even matter if your internal drive is dead, 'cos our Pup will live on - and run fully from - a flash drive, quite happily...

Those compressed files, and running completely in RAM help matters immensely.

Mike. :D

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