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David H

I've heard a lot of talk about phones with linux pre-installed and that is fine.
My deal is this: How can I change OS from android to linux on my phone? (I knoq it requires it being unlocked and rooted but I am kind of in the dark after that)

Well, for one thing, Android IS Linux. If you unlock/root your phone, you can do many things... or you may make it more exploitable to bad guys. I used to install custom ROM's on a Google Nexus 4 a long time ago, and it was fun for me, but it took some learning to get started. I now have a Google Nexus 6P and I've left it as stock Marshmallow. The Nexus devices are usually some of the easiest to unlock and root.

I'm rusty on what's current in that area though. There was a lot of talk about Ubuntu Touch on phones and tablets, but I never installed it and don't know anyone who has. I don't really classify ChromeOS or FirefoxOS as a full Linux distro any more than Android (and maybe less so). Many phones cannot be unlocked/rooted... so whatever you have, you need to check out what can be done, unless you will be shopping for a new phone to pursue this goal.

I was curious and hit up a search engine... I came across this:

The more modern iPhones are pretty locked down.

You can also run Linux alongside Android. I've done this before, just for my own amusement. Here's one of many links:

But, you sound like you want to replace Android completely and replace it with a different OS. So, this link may be of interest:


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