Change Windows 7 Ultimate to Linux



Good afternoon, I'm designer and 3D animation. Working as Software Rhinoceros 5, Autocad 2014, CorelDraw X6 among others ... but I have developed some projects in Blender is Open Source software. Style Changes to supplements featuring Open Source as Gimp, Archimedes, Inkscape, LibreOffice, Scribus, VLC and others. Please I need a guide as to know if the computer that I have now received the operating system of Open Source. The configuration, is:

AMD A10 5800k 3.80 GHz Apu
8 Gb Ram
Radeom HD 6670 Graphics Card
HDD 1 Tera

One could install the free software on this machine? and if so could someone To guide me on where to download the necessary OS and accessories you need. I thank you ... I look forward to a communication.



I am a little bit confused by what you want.

There are Open Source programs, like Gimp and Inkscape which will install and run one Windows e.g.

Blender will install and run on Windows e.g.

Are you looking for Open Source software that will run on Windows?

Or are you going to make the leap to use the Linux OS - with some of the same programs.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater by removing Windows now and all-together. SOME Windows will work on Linux BUT NOT ALL.

Are you looking to use an Open Source OS instead of Windows?

You should keep Windows just now and dual-boot. You should have the option of using Windows 7 OR Linux, until you are TOTALLY sure that you just want Linux.

Look at something like:


Good. Arochester Thanks for answer my questions. The idea was if you jump to linux completely. I have worked in Windows with Rhino, Autocad, Corel and others progrmas good design and sometimes you get tired. or the processor overheats and machine resource management ... much off. Even with Blender also to render an image in HD I turn. The idea is that the machine you specify if your hardware used to install "Ubuntu". Like I have another portable machine that I can leave with only windows 7.

but good Arochester. I am new to this field of Open Source. I've only managed Blender 3D and Gimp as such. the rest you know. I would ask please guide me in: Hardware that describe the install UBUNTU leaves or recommendation .. is Win 7 and Ubuntu at the same time.

Please I appreciate any suggestion in this regard. thanks

Kevin Milan

System Requirements
  • x86 processor (32-bit) or x64 processor (64-bit)
  • 512 megabytes RAM (1 gigabyte recommended)
  • 10 gigabytes disk space
  • DVD or USB support