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Sep 10, 2019
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Hello Friends

I need a linux command that when typing any shortcut (CTRL + Y, for example) anything that is running on the PC will pause and give priority to the terminal, that is, it will interrupt everything and the terminal will open giving priority to me to type anything.

The reason, sometimes locks pages, and when I have control of the terminal, I could press the shortcut keys, so that I open the terminal and in it I can type anything, like xkill or other command, I need the terminal to be at the very high level for when I call him to answer on time, and the rest is on the lower level. After I close the terminal, the programs return to the normal level, it would be like stop everything and give preference to the terminal.

Is it possible?


I'm not aware of any command that can do that.

Maybe this is close to what you need?

You can also suspend a process and resume it later:

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