Centos7 kill process in two hours

@Mustafa SEVİNÇ -

So you are saying that your application works well on a Windows server, but it crashes after an hour or two on Linux? Is this correct?

I'm not particularly au-fait with the go programming language.. I've only done a few tutorials on it. I certainly can't see any obvious errors in the code.

Have you tried running the code through a debugger in Linux? I know that gdb support for go is somewhat limited, but I believe there are one or two other debuggers available for go. (can't remember the names offhand). But here's an article I just found with a quick bit of duckduckgo-fu:

If manually debugging is impractical - perhaps try adding some logging/tracing code to your program to try to help you to work out what is causing the abnormal termination of your program. That way, your program should build up a log of the actions it is performing.

Leave it to run until it crashes, then take a look at the generated log-file and see if you can work out which part of the code caused the crash.

When the program terminates abnormally - does it give any error messages in the terminal? or write any error messages to any system logs?

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