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Discussion in 'General Server' started by Smokey, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Smokey

    Smokey Guest

    What do you think of CENTOS to power your server? My host (Hawkhost) has CENTOS powering their servers (well the one my site is on anyway) and I have a VPS on the backburner that runs CentOS as well. I think it's pretty good and a really reliable distro to power a server. I'd prefer using CentOS over Ubuntu for a server that's for sure. What do you guys think of it?

  2. MustangV10

    MustangV10 Guest

    I use CentOS 5.7 on all the servers I operate. I've got it on my VPS Nodes. I'd love to use CloudLinux as a replacement in all fairness (since I run a hosting business), but that requires Xen, and my nodes are currently OpenVZ based.
  3. Akendo

    Akendo Guest

    CentOS is the way to go. Long and good Software support. May not having the same bride support an software like Ubuntu, but covers the main stream. Also is very stable.
    But it's maybe better to jump to CentOS 6+,will have even longer support for now!

    so far
  4. Keeb

    Keeb Guest

    I've used it for both a VPS and a small server I set up for toying around with, satisfied both times. However, both sites were relatively low load so not sure how it performs for more rigorous stuff.
  5. Smokey

    Smokey Guest

    Yeah that's definitely good to know man. Once get my VPS back up and running for this game I'm gonna install Mysql onto it and run the DB off the server itself to have less issues with it and such. Definitely a better way of running things then how it's ran now - or was in this case. :)
  6. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    I have only one VPS and it has Cent OS 5.8 running on it. I had updated it recently from 5.7 and it's been running flawlessly. Cent OS 5.8 has NO packages removed that are present in 5.7. There's a release note all of you can read here : http://wiki.centos.org/Manuals/ReleaseNotes/CentOS5.8

    I've been tinkering with Debian OS and Cent OS and i'm pretty comfortable with both, especially since i'm running Debian on my Mobile and it's really impressive.
  7. Rob

    Rob Guest

    For a serious server, I'll only run either CentOS or Debian..
  8. mrnothersan

    mrnothersan Guest

    Most web hosts you will find use CentOS. The reason for this is because cPanel can only run on CentOS and can't run on any other OS like Ubuntu. OpenVZ runs on CentOS too which most providers use for providing VPS servers, so it is definitely the most popular OS used, hosts wise. I would say Ubuntu is the next popular, I used to use it, but not anymore.
  9. germs

    germs Guest

    Last VPS i used was running CentOS, perfectly fine OS and it did everything i need it to do.
  10. icebirdro

    icebirdro Guest

    I know a lot of hosting companies which run CentOS on their servers so I guess it must be good, but of course that they run a customized CentOS distro which has to be constantly updated with drivers from vendors & stuff like that.
  11. dale

    dale Guest

    I use CentOS on my server. It is good. :)
  12. makentosh

    makentosh Guest

    Servers running CentOS distribution is I think the best. It not a RHEL based distribution but it is somewhat the same only to think that RHEL needs licence. I have been using CentOS for a while and I love it.
  13. Famous

    Famous Guest

    I use CentOS for everything, webhosting, to resell the server, and also to use it for seeding torrents and more...
  14. Alex Moen

    Alex Moen Guest

    Another vote for Centos... Been using it since version 4, now running 6 on many, many servers and VMs. Stable, reliable, well thought out server platform without all the desktop and graphical fluff by default (not that you can't add it all, though).

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