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Feb 25, 2021
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I need to migrate data in a bunch of CentOS 8 VMs and I was wondering which could be the best option, excluding CentOS stream.
The factors to consider are:
-cost of the OS
-difficulty to migrate
-stability and support of the new distro

I'm open to suggestions, feel free to tell me which distro I should go for and why. What I really need though, is the practical plan of the migration, as in: the list of commands to run in order to migrate the VM.

Many thanks.

Your choices are: Rocky Linux(once they version 8.x), Springdale Linux or RHEL(Redhat). No matter which one you pick you should be easily able to convert your CentOS8 system to another RHEL clone without having to reinstall.
Thanks for the answer :).
Yes, my first choice was Rocky as well but I can't find any documentation online about the migration process. How do you think it would be possible?
I migrated my own Centos 8 vpses to Springdale Linux 8 by removing the Centos specific packages, replacing them with the Springdale variant of them and then doing a "dnf distro-sync". I'm sure conversion the converting to Rocky Linux or RHEL will be somewhat the same.
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