Can't install linux (Any Distro)

Whenever I try to install a (32-bit) Distro (i'm using virtualbox), for example Ubuntu, I either get "Install [distro]" and then blinking, non-interactable underscore (Like in a word processer), or just the underscore. I'm using windows 10 with a i686 processer. I have tried Mint, Ubuntu, and Fedora. (i have an mp4 file of me trying to this, but I can't attach it here)


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G'day verybadwindowsuser, and welcome to

One solution would be to wipe win 10 and install Linux over the top !!

First question....why 32 bit ?

second you have the linux mint (or whatever) on a usb drive (thumb drive) ?

if its on a thumb drive...what method did you use to pit it on the usb drive ?

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