Can't get started

Morning Bill :)

I have a few things to do on my Sunday, but I'll slip over to my Linux Lite 5 a little later, download Skychart and see what's what and who's who, as my late Mother used to say.

Okay. I now have a folder called "Carte du Ciel" in a folder called "Programs".

Can you move the Skychart .deb file to Downloads in your Home folder? It is better off there and easier to work with. Once it is in Downloads, you could try installing it from the command line, while you are waiting, if you like.

If so, open Terminal and type in and enter the following (my comments are prefaced with a hash)

cd Downloads

#followed by

sudo dpkg -i Skychart-4.2.1-4073_amd64.deb

With typing Skychart, you can just type eg Sky and then press the Tab button and it will autocomplete.

See you when I can


Okay. After moving both skychart_4.2.1-4073_amd64.deb and skychart-4.2.1-4073-src to Downloads, Open with GDebi Package Installer shows that libpasastro is not installed. I had gone to where libpasastro was located. Clicking on libpasastro downloaded skychart-4.2.1-4073-src.tar.xz from which I extracted the folder called skychart-4.2.1-4073-src, which is now in Downloads along with the deb file. What next?
OK that's good information that may help me tomorrow, if I am up to it after getting a couple of teeth pulled at the dentist.

You don't need the .src file, nor the .tar.xz file at all, they can be got rid of, but wait until I take a look.

The libpasastro file is a Library wrtitten in the Pascal language, for astronomy-related packages, hence


Libraries are held in Windows as well, with .dll files being a Dynamic Link Library. So some things are similar, but a whole lot of things are different, and don't double-click anything from your File Manager.

Back tomorrow.

I think I have the correct libpasastro. Does it contain two folders - lib and share? I tried the installation again, but it still days libpasastro is not installed. How do I do that?
Still to get to it yet, Bill, after my dental visit.

Is the libpasastro file a .deb? You need that.

Then you would use either the GUI method (GDebi) or Terminal (dpkg command) to install it. On successful install, then run the same process again with skychart.

That should work, have a read of this article here, very closely, and don't make the mistakes its Member did.

I found libpasastro_1.4.0-48_amd64.deb and installed it. On installation, the skychart .deb file needs to download more files. I have limited data so I aborted the install. I may have time tomorrow to go to the library and finish the install. I'll let you know.
Well, I finally got Skychart up and running. Now I'm having trouble getting the object pictures downloaded and installed. Here's what I did: I went to "" and under PICTURES I found "Linux Deb" to click on. The complete file would not download. I would always get a file called "skychart-data-pictures-4.0-2.noarch.part". I tried four or five times and got different file sizes. Some seemed close to correct, 2 were zero. Any thoughts. Thx. Oh! Unrelated, but do you have a recommendation for how to print photos from android to my Linux USB-connected printer? The computer is on my network, the printer is not wireless. Thx.
G'day Bill, I can't help with the above, but on this

Unrelated, but do you have a recommendation for how to print photos from android to my Linux USB-connected printer? The computer is on my network, the printer is not wireless. Thx.

You would want to start a new Thread, likely in Linux Hardware, where printing issues are dealt with.


Okay. I know I did it once, but I can't figure out how to create a new thread. Please help.
one way is to left mouse click on top left forum tab, you will get a lists of forums ,click on any forum. lets say we click on getting started. You see yours listed a couple down, them top left a blank text box - type thread title there . Simples


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That was simple. The words "New Thread" someplace on the screen would be even simpler. On my phone (my primary internet access) it's the name of the current thread at the top left. Thx.