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cant disable shortcut...


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Jun 19, 2024
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I need to disable shortcut on my Linux Mint: alt+left mouse (moving tabs fluently) and left shift + alt + left mouse (moving tabs by steps)
I tried to disable every shortcut in Keyboard > Shortcuts, but it didnt work. So, I disabled all shortcuts in dconf Editor under (org > gnome > desktop > wm > keybindings) and (org > cinnamon > muffin), but it still doesnt work.

Thanks in advance for any help

G'day mir123, Welcome to Linux.org

Click on menu...type in keyboard. Then click on Shortcuts.

Those shortcuts that you have are likely under Custom Shortcuts...click on that and make one click on the shortcut you wish to remove so that it is highlighted.....then click on Remove custom Shortcut down the bottom on the right hand side.

I am not aware how the shortcuts were added, so they may be elsewhere in that area
in custom shortcuts there is nothing...i am on the edge of rage quit xd spent like 3 hours fixing and searching today... try that urself hold shift+alt+left button on mouse... its not custom shortcut and i removed all shortcuts (set all values on [] in dconf)
shift+alt+left button on mouse
Achieves nothing on my Linux Mint 21.3

How was the shortcut activated in the first place?....either you did it yourself or someone with access to your pc did it.

What I am saying is, it is not activated by default.

Looking at your first post, it appears these are all concerned with moving tabs in some way?

Is this possibly something that has been activated via your browser ?......or an extension in your browser ??