Cannot install Puppy Linux to pendrive




I have downloaded puppy iso (from distro ibiblio) and wanted to create bootable USB but I cannot do that in any of mentioned methods.

1. Method A
This method says "*.usfs.xz, sha1sums.txt, 4install-quirky-to-drive.gz" but in the download site (distro ibiblio) there are no files like *.gz.

2. With SysLinux
The first command fails when it is mounted (it's sdb according to sudo fdisk -l)
syslinux: invalid media signature (not an FAT/NTFS volume?)
And when it is not mounted
syslinux: /dev/sdb: No such file or directory

3. With UnetBootin
It looks like Unetbootin does not work correctly on Fedora Linux.
Error: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter) 9
Its GUI has only closing [X] button and nothing more when I run it.

4. With DD
sudo dd bs=512M if=file.iso of=/dev/sdb
I can write iso to pendrive with this method but it is not bootable. (I have used this pendrive with bootable Fedora and Linux Mint and it worked well for both so pendrive is OK, this method also worked for my Fedora)
But Puppy is not bootable

5. From Puppy Linux
I've tried Puppy Linux about month or two ago and wanted to run it on VirtualBox (on Ubuntu that I had earlier) but it didn't work correctly.
The other method of creating bootable usb with Puppy Linux is to use utility available on Puppy Linux. But I cannot burn it to DVD (incorrectly working dvd) or run correctly in virtualised environment so it won't help.

What should I do to create bootable Puppy Linux?


Hi first of all welcome. Can I just verify are you trying to install Quirky Linux or Puppy Linux as you mention a Quirky Linux script?

Both these versions of Linux are by Barry Kauler.
Hi, yes, I have tried Quirky (I thought it's one of "flavours" of Puppy). If I should try the other iso for Puppy (it's rather new computer) can you please provide download link that is the most suitable for my needs? There are too many places with different Puppy versions to download. I want something stable and new (so that any security bugs are fixed in new version, as compared to older versions).

Which of these methods of creating bootable pendrive should I try again with other iso?

How can I then add my software and remaster to make your custom version? What are the correct tools to do that?

If running off a Pen drive then I would recommend using the Unetbootin method, which icidently I tried with Quirky and it didn't work but with Puppy fine. Not sure of your specks for older hardware I would look at the continuation of Lucid Puppy

Still being updated and maintained kernels for new and old hardware.

To be honest some of the new Puppies are very buggy and this Lucid version is a safer bet. Only Slacko would be other choice.

Precise and Tahr versions not so great.

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