Cannot install linux on Aspire 5100 [SOLVED]

So guess the computer I am typing this from!!

Linux debian 5.10.0-19-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.149-2 (2022-10-21) x86_64 GNU/Linux

I'm so happy! My old Aspire is back to life!

I have to apologize cause I don't know why I said I should have 1.75GB of RAM. First of all, that number does not make any sense, specially when I only had two slots.
Second, when I opened the cover, I just had a 512MB slot... I was carried away by some specs I found in the internet about my laptop and didn't even bother to verify physically what was my installed memory. I'm surprised I didn't check before... Anyway this only slot was dying, for it only showed around 300MB.

Once I installed my shiny new 4GB :cool: the installation of debian 11 64b was done with no issues.

I've even installed Ardour (audio workstation) and to my surprise seems to work just fine.

Just for the fun of it I'll try this elink, thank you for the recommendation.
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Excellent, if you're now a happy bunny , please go back to your first post and edit the title to include "solved"

only showed around 300MB.
that's because 200mb would have been reserved for on board graphics and sound,, run inxi again and see the result
yes you are totally right. So I had no issue actually. I just had a very old laptop and a misleading kernel panic error :)
Thanks everyone!
@leny :-

Nice one. Glad to hear you're "sorted".

Despite what @Brickwizard 's list of lightweight distros purports to say, Puppy is NOT just 'portable and live only'. Yes, it will run that way, but I've been running a whole "kennels" of Puppies for several years from my main internal drive. Started off with a 2005 Compaq Presario; Athlon64 X2 3800+, 4 GB DDR1 RAM (same K8 CPU family as your Turion X2). Currently I'm on a 2019 HP Pavilion mid-tower desktop; Intel Pentium G5400 'quad-core', 32 GB DDR4, around 7 TB storage at the last count.....and ATM, around 11 Puppies. I could run anything I wanted to.....but I stick with Puppy because it's like an addiction! :p

(My recently acquired 2008 Dell Latitude D630 is a Core2Duo with 4 GB RAM; was running two Puppies, but I've just added a third... Can't leave 'em alone!)

Just so's you know, you can run several Puppies from a single partition.....because Puppies will run from a sub-directory within that partition, and Puppy's customised, modded Grub4DOS bootloader will search two 'layers' deep to find a bootable kernel.

Mike. ;)

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