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Can you recommend a good Video Card for MINT?

Discussion in 'Linux Hardware' started by Darwin, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    I have been having a touch of trouble with my NVIDIA on MINT I want to try something else I use NVIDIA on most of my machines. What are you using and is the install easy for this noob?

  2. Would you be willing to share the trouble that you are having with slightly more detail? Are you experiencing video problems, graphic errors, glitches? We may be able to help you without you having to replace any of your video cards.
  3. jschuhr

    jschuhr Guest

    It's surprising to hear of trouble with an nVidia card; have you loaded the "Additional Hardware" drivers?
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  4. diegosuse

    diegosuse Guest


    I use ati. The radeon hdmi. The drivers dont come with the distro (on opensuse). But in the amd website you can find the file. It s very easy to download and to compile because it comes whith a graphic wizard. Hope helps
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  5. DaReaper

    DaReaper Guest

    The main question is do you have the expected drivers or Graphic software installed for Mint? Cause i use ATI radeon and they have the ATI catalyst which controls the graphics drivers.

    What's the actual issue you have with your graphics?
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  6. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

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  7. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    Perfect I have sorted the issue :) Thank you - I was having an issue with freezes and slow performance but I have got a grip of the situation now.

    I am trying this out tonight ATI Radeon, I just poached one for a machine in which the nVidia is kaput completely.

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