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Can i install Linux and remove Windows?

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by jskashyap, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. jskashyap

    jskashyap Guest

    Dear Friends, i am totally new to this and i am not a Techie. I am keen to know if i can just use Linux as operating system and remove Windows completely from my PC without having to compromise on anything? I use my PC for e-mailing, surfing and Office suite. I simply cannot play ( manoeuvre) with the operating system as I don't know it. If so how to go about doing it? Thanks for response which i hope to get :)

    Jagdish Singh

  2. OldSmoky2

    OldSmoky2 Guest

    Yes, it is very easy with some distributions of Linux. I recommend Ubuntu or Linux Mint for people who are new to Linux. You can download it and put it on a DVD or USB stick to install. Both sites have easy to follow instructions. When you install you will be given the choice to install alongside Windows or to use the entire hard drive. Choosing the second option will overwrite the Windows files on your computer, effectively removing Windows from your computer. Both Ubuntu and Mint come with Firefox for browsing, Thunderbird for email, and LibreOffice as an office program that allows you to also access MS Office files. And both give you one-click access to thousands of other applications. Enjoy!
  3. dale

    dale Guest

    Are you a gamer?

    Do you use Skype?

    Do you use Google Drive extensively (but this shouldn't be a problem, really -- so many free cloud storage services)?
  4. jskashyap

    jskashyap Guest


    thanks for your information. I will try both to begin with and then see how i get used to Linux.
  5. jskashyap

    jskashyap Guest

    I am not a gamer but i do use Skype and Goodle Drive.

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