Can anyone fix a "Grub Error". (comes up when I reboot)



I'm new to the world of Linux and I have a Silverstone with an ASUS p5g43t-m Pro motherboard and Linux Mint 3.2.0-23-Generic. I tried to load software onto the system and it requested that I restart my computer. Unknowingly I left the software in the drive and the reboot now stalls at the Grub rescue> prompt. PLEASE help. I really don't know how to fix this!



Hey, I signed up to post this, recently had this problem myself (twoish hours ago)
Anyway, mine was created by trying to install Linux Mint 14 over Linux Mint 8 and I guess I configured it wrongly, there is also a windows xp partition on the drive that I keep around for gaming.

The problem originates from your MBR getting messed up, I fixed mine by deleting all the non windows partitions and letting Mint detect xp and selecting install along side Windows XP ( I reinstalled ), so, a couple of questions:
First off: are you dual booting or is this going to be the only OS on the system?
When you were installing did you configure the partitions yourself or just select deleting everything and install (or install alongside something else)

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