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Apr 28, 2021
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I had a call-out to one of the elderly ladies [even older than me] who lives down the road, she has W 10 in on a 10 yr old Asus, and was in a panic as she had been getting a 502 gateway error, I explained that It's nothing to do with her machine, but she asked me to check it out, well I switched it on, it took so long to boot I could have cooked a full English breakfast while I waited, when it finally came on I could see her first problem, the screen was total full of Icons for direct link to websites, and other added programs, all I assume in the start-up menu, I didn't have time to investigate these but whilst I was going through a few things, every 60 seconds or so a bloody Google pop up advert appeared, then a pop-up for something else and then another different one, It was driving me crazy as I was trying to make sure she was safe, I explained this was the main reason her system was so slow, and she should decide what she actually needs on start up and desktop and to get rid of the rest, she wants me to go back and take a look at her machine to see if its possible and cost-effective to upgrade it the next couple of weeks, or recommend a laptop
At this stage, I don't know if she will want W11 or possibly swap to Linux as none of her programs are essential windows ones, but she will need a large screen [14 inch minimum] as her eyesight is not the best.


May 24, 2021
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I think the most cost-effective way for dealing with any "over-loaded" Win10 computer is to backup its data, format the harddrive and simply reinstall the whole thing from scratch ! Saves you a lot of time trying to figure out what gets loaded and saves you lots of frustrations once you'll realize its all in vein... ;-)
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