Buying Laptop For Web Development Purposes [Linux]




I've been doing hours of research today in order to educate myself on what Linux is and all the different distro's that are available. I've heard that for Web Development[WD], Linux is at an "advantage" over the other operating systems. I've also heard that for the most part, it doesn't matter what distro you go with for WD purposes, so I'll chose Ubuntu (or Mint).

I've debated on whether I should choose a Macbook Pro as my laptop (personal preference) or go with a normal laptop and run Linux. Q: Should I bother buying a laptop with Linux being the factory OS?

. . .

But then I realized that this laptop will mostly serve 1 purpose for me, and that's WD/Programming. I want all the benefits that come with Linux for web developers but still run Windows OS.

I've heard that you can still run Windows or Mac as the main OS and just run/boot Linux from a CD/Drive but will this give me any problems in the future? Are there any restrictions/limitation to doing this? Or do you have any recommendations or alternatives to what I'm proposing if any?

Any suggestions or solutions are appreciated!
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