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BT headphones keep interrupting after finishing a call


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Nov 10, 2022
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Hello all,
I have a very annoying problem, but somehow difficult to explain.

I use BT Jabra Evolve which I really like, have been using those with MacBook Pro and Slack with no problems.
They have an articulated microphone arm, and when you join a call you will hear "lower the microphone to unmute". Which is OK.

Now Im in a new company, I'm using Ubuntu 22 and in this place they use Teams (I know), which is messing things up a lot.

After a Teams call, the headphones makes me crazy. Everytime a sound system is kicking (i.e, when working on the terminal, if I autocomplete, all those "ding" "ding") cause my headphone to say "lower the microphone to unmute".

This is so annoying. Looks like by the system sounds the headphones "think" they are entering a call.
If I'm listening music, and a system sound will kick in, the headphones will pause the music, remind me I'm muted and the music will resume.

I can configure the Jabra to stop talking at all, but the interruptions will be still there even if there is no message (plus I still feel them even without the talking, somehow you feel the ANC activation).

Do you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance
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