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Broke my fs: inodes and superblocks...


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Hi there, writing my first post here after searching all known linux forums looking desperately for a solution.

Short story is, I did a lv size reduction before resizing the fs first.
That turned into a superblock discrepancy and fsck did not work.
I could've fixed (if I'd have known beforehand) by extending lv again, and doing the fsck in a superblock backup copy.
From here, another wrong step, apparently. I did a 'mke2fs -S' to re-create superblocks. That didn't work but killed (I suppose) all the superblock backups.
When I carefully went through all steps is when I realised I forgot resizing the fs so did expand the lv back.
Now fsck continues not to work. Tried mke2fs -S again but now I have a 'fsck.ext4: Inode checksum does not match inode while checking journal'

The question is... assuming there's no data damage.. any chance I can rebuild the fs metadata?
Is using file recovery tools my only option? (It's 3Tb!!)
Could partition tools recover the ext4 fs over an lvm volume group?

Long version: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/nPYcbkSVsH/
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Di you try
sudo fsck /dev/sd blah blah
first when you discovered the problem? If not what was your first troubleshooting step?


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I did. Actually that's how I discovered. And no.., unfortunately, no backup except for a few things.