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brightness not working on any distro hp victus 15 gaming laptop

Nov 2, 2022
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Booted up linux on my hp laptop it has a dual GPU (and and nvidia). After I booted up as soon as the distro symbol came up the laptop dimmed. This repeated on whichever distro I've tried (Now currently on fedora). I have checked and the nvidia divers have been correctly installed using nvautoinstaller. I then changed the kernel and that also had no effect. I've even tried to manually change the /sys/class/backlight/amdgpu_bl0/brightness file which had no effect being as the slider works and also alters this file, the only difference in the brightness number is that closer to zero the screen brightens slightly and closer to 255 (max_brightness) the screens dims slightly. I don't know what else to try please help. (running fedora 36 with kernel 6.0.5-200.fc36.x86_64)
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