Bricked my laptop (Linux mint)



Hello everyone. It's so annoying posting through my phone, but I don't have any other choice.

Today I bricked my laptop for the first time. I decided to install Linux mint last week and today I decided to go back to windows(I have used other distros in the past) . Anyway, while trying to manage to get Windows boot from the bootable usb I messed up with the partitions. Now not only Linux don't boot but I don't have a second pc. Need desperately help!!



Hi Nulbuilt,

basically, you have to use previously made recover disk(s), pendrive or so to recover your system. Some times is even possible to access a recover utility pressing a key during boot process and this utility access a special partition to rebuild the original configuration. Be careful, your data may be destroyed.

Another easy option, is simply use Mint Live CD (pendrive) to reinstall Linux Mint! From there you may connect to internet and study the options on a more comfortable platform.


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