Boot loader installed on second partition and not recognized



I followed the instructions and when the computer starts there is no mention to load Linux. I could write something into boot.ini but not sure what to write or is there a better way?

"Device for boot loader installation

VERY IMPORTANT: If you are going to hit Install Now while you are on the above screen, you are going to install Lubuntu's Boot Loader (GRUB2) to the MBR of your HDD which is sda. By performing this action, you are overwriting your MBR (sda) and all its contents. This may lead to some un-bootable systems, other systems which are installed in your machine.

Otherwise, please install Lubuntu's Boot Loader (GRUB2) in the same partition where Lubuntu is about to be installed. In this guide, it's /dev/sda6."

If Lubuntu is the only system, you must install Grub.
If Lubuntu is being added to a multi-boot set-up:
a) Installing Grub will put the boot loader on Lubuntu's partition.
b) Not installing Grub will mean using the first system's boot loader.
With b) the existing boot loader will need to be updated from the first system.
With a) the new boot loader should detect the other systems, but if not, update it from Lubuntu.
It is a multi boot and that is why I followed the Device for boot loader installation and installed GRUB2) in the same partition where Ubuntu is about to be installed. The problem is that Grub didn't write a thing to my boot.ini pointing toward the second partition (Linux installed).

Spent all evening trying to find what lines to write in the boot.ini file but there were so many confusing, messy posts that I am giving up. For now that is but will try again another time.

I know this....I don't want anything installed to the MBR on my first partition (Windows). If I must do such a thing, I'll remove Ubuntu.
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Try running the command:
Being a Buntu, you will need to put sudo in front of the command.

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