Boot issue



Good evening,

we face a problem and do not know how to solve it

I have a drive and I have installed windows, and on the same disk to another partition I installed a version of linux

Today we opened the partition with windows and showed us a message if you want the windows to be as default via boot

i checked yes, but from that time do not see boot the system and can not see the linux option that we see before from this action

How can I see again the linux partition to be able to connect to these

Thanks in advance

Hello again,

Today I believe that I can find the time it takes to try that our have suggested

However I have two questions about this topic

1. If i do what you have proposed will again look at computer startup option to start with linux properly!!!!

2. because linux come as a default mode to connect the computer, we can somehow define as primary the windows os and after option linux

We use an "auto start up" and we want to become boot into windows and no linux

Thanks in advance

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