[Bluetooth] phone call audio problem


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Oct 30, 2019
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when I connect my phone via bluetooth to my laptop I'm having a problem (no audio comes out from the speaker) with the phone call audio on Ubuntu 16 and ubuntu 18. In case of media files I don't have any problem on streaming the audio. I know that in case of phone call HFP bluetooth profile is used while in case of media A2DP is used to stream the audio.
On Ubuntu 16 and 18 I see on sound settings that it switches automatically from A2DP to HFP or vice versa but there is no audio when I am on phone call.
I installed Ubuntu 19 yesterday and I saw that the same thing happens but once I manually selected the input device and the HFP profile on sound settings everything works fine and the automatic switch from a2dp and hfp works flawlessly.
When I was using Ubuntu 16 or 18 I read that I need to use ofono and there was a specific procedure on how to fix the audio on phone calls but it didn't work.
Anyone has an idea on how I can make it work on ubuntu 18 or 16?
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