bind master slave tranfser zone transfer issue



Hi all,

i have configured bind 9.3.6 master and slave on centos 5.7
zone transfer always start after restarting bind. but i want to transfer zone without restart master server
how can i do this ?
i have change serial no. and refresh time ,after that i reload named service but not work.
so please let me know which option for zone transfer for every 5 minute

how to set incremental zone transfer in bind

You can force a zone transfer by issuing this on your slave:

rndc retransfer

Maybe throw that in cron if you want it to do it every 5 minutes...
All changes on a conf file, like bind, needs to restart it, by rule, otherway you will expect some troubles. The dns service , like many others, are made to work with the less changes possible because many domains in production mode doesnt need changes. If you can tell us why you need that behavior may be we can help