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Best Windows Media Player equivalent for Linux

Discussion in 'Linux Audio / Video' started by Tony Bergman, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Tony Bergman

    Tony Bergman Guest

    Hi all,
    Total newbie here, so please be gentle.
    I have recently discovered the wonders of Linux and am in the process of converting all the PC's in th house to Zorin OS9.

    I have been also trying to find a good music player with the same features as WMP, such as being able to sort by album artist and ignoring the "the" in the artist name.

    Dose such a creature exist?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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  2. Darren Hale

    Darren Hale Guest

    Audacious for audio. VLC for video. Also try Deadbeef simple and effective.
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  4. ryanvade

    ryanvade Guest

    I love clementine. Rhythmbox is good too...sometimes.
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  5. unixfish

    unixfish Guest

    That is exactly it. I like Rhythmbox, but had problems getting it to burn CDs to .ogg files when I was running Ubunutu. Ever update seemed to break burning; I switched to Mint, and found another ripping software. I liked Rhythmbox, but could not rely on it. I could have downloaded source and fixed it, but with automatic updates, that seems like a lot of work to fix something that should not have been broken.
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  6. blackneos940

    blackneos940 Guest

    Though it's true that a dedicated Video/Audio Player(s) are better-suited for what they do, it's ALSO true that VLC is a rock-solid Program for playing MANY, MANY types of Files..... :3 I happen to use probably TOO many Media Players on GNU/Linux, and Windows, but among the first ones that I go to is VLC....... :)
  7. blackneos940

    blackneos940 Guest

    Yeah..... I wish they would fix it....... :( I suck too hard to do it myself.... :D
  8. blackneos940

    blackneos940 Guest

    Hello World!!..... :3 ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD!!!..... :)
  9. Tony Bergman

    Tony Bergman Guest

    Thanks everyone for providing the info.
    I'll just experiment and see which suits me best.

    Thanks again
  10. blackneos940

    blackneos940 Guest

    No problem.....! :3 I hope you find what you're looking for in the world of FOSS.... :D

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