Best OS to Install on RaspberryPI to setup VPN and or OpenVPN / .ovpn

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Oct 18, 2017
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I used to run a VPN using a RaspberryPI. For some reason I stopped suppose I started using another OS to setup, config and run OpenVPN. Anyhow I would like to 're-activate both PI's for both LAN access. I am hoping I can setup the PI's in a server and client capacity i.e I would like to connect to the LAN while out using the VPN. I would also like to setup the other PI on another LAN (home network) and use that to connect to the WWW in general. The logic behind that is basically we have access to two public IP addresses so I could set up an 'outgoing' connection (from the home network) that would give the address of the second public IP address? I have set this up before but it only worked for a short while and to be honest I am not 100% sure it did work like I thought it was working at all. We need to set up digital certifications ect to create an 'encrypted tunnel' my main question here is which would be the best operating system to install on the SD cards to run on the PI's and setup, config and run 'a' VPN? Last time and this time to I am just about to install the Raspbian (Debian for RaspberryPI's) one thing quite straight forward of question to ask is which version would the community 'recommend' i.e as far as I can tell there is Raspbian Stretch and Raspbian jessie (there is also a Raspbian Wheezy?) Anyway I will leave it at that for now and hope someone or ones have some valid experience and is willing to share. Any time would be most appreciated! Thanks for the time. This is the first 'post' I have ever made on this site so I am sorry if it is in the wrong place or in the wrong format on context is wrong for this part of the site. Thanks for the time.

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I've moved the Thread to Single board computers, which is more appropriate and hopefully attract some good input.

I have yet to use a Pi but I'll watch and learn.

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