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Best OS for Notebook ?

Discussion in 'Laptops / Netbooks' started by achillius, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. achillius

    achillius Guest

    I have Sony Vaio Notebook with AMD E2-2000 1.75 GH
    RAM 4 GB
    Screen 11.6.
    what's the OS for me in terms of performance and battery consumption ?
    The battery isn't lasting for long time 20131124_234330.jpg

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  2. Sorry for the extensive delay. Many users may agree that either one of these are excellent recommendations -

    Linux Mint
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  3. telemahos

    telemahos Guest

    try out bodhi linux. very small and lightweight linux distribution
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  4. I am using Ubuntu with my Notebook and its working pretty good. So, i would recommend you the same for yours.
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  5. maxmaximux

    maxmaximux Guest

    Поддерживаю совет Angelbrown Лека убунту
  6. maxmaximux

    maxmaximux Guest

    А есть еще варианты?
  7. Yesyesloud

    Yesyesloud Guest

    Hey, I'll seize this precious moment of necromancy to feed AMD APU users some info.

    I have switched to Ubuntu for its so-called reliability, expecting a solid production environment, but I must say I deeply regret my choice...

    And I'm using near top-tier AMD APUs (A-series).

    I'll spend part of my holidays picking a new Linux distribution for my laptops but I somewhat doubt it won't turn out to be along the lines of Arch or Slackware-based.

    If anything go for Xubuntu. It's fully featured however lightweight - it'll go easier and smoother on your machine.

    Regardless, as an APU-powered notebook user I must warn you that *buntu tends to starve user oriented processes when heavy swapping begins (90%+ RAM usage)... As in even keyboard and mouse pointer hangs or total system hangs demanding a hard shutdown. I've been there countless times with 2 resourceful APU laptops.
  8. devim

    devim Guest

    It's very important also the desktop environment. I suggest to use XFCE, it's really stable, powerful and simple. It uses just a small part of memory (~300MB) and you can replace some components to make it better. A nice improvement is to use compiz as windows compositor.
  9. RobP

    RobP Guest

    I have put Deepin on 2 of my customers laptops and 3 of my own, lncluding a sony VAIO that is about 5 years
    old, have had great results. If you go to Distrowatch it is easy to find. I was really tired of all the problems with windows, it was great to leave microsoft behind!
  10. Crippled

    Crippled Guest

    I suggest MX-16. Everything will work on your first boot up. What ever you do, don't try to put Manjaro on your Laptop unless you enjoy fixing issues that the Manjaro team likes to ignore.

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