Best NAS Software for local and remote computers


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Oct 21, 2020
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I do not expect to receive this information for free. I am happy to pay for the relevant software and/or make a donation.

Hello everyone,
We are in the progress of expanding our company which will involve moving into a factory. Therefore we are going to set up more computers as well as the computers being on premises at the factory and at remotely at home.

Each person will have one computer at the factory office and one at home as either a desktop or laptop.

Can you advise what is the best Server OS or software that can handle local and remote connections while having the same user's computers having the same file access.
Adding on, we have a Synology DS220+ 2 bay NAS and a Thecus W5810 5 bay NAS, which currently has ubuntu and is used as a media server.

Starting from Square one, What above hardware and what Server OS (preferred) or software do you recommend?

Please bare in mind the OS or software needs to fall into the Dummies category. I am brilliant when it comes to developing Automotive technology, but when it comes to putting together a Hybrid local/remote server infrastructure, I am absolutely terrible.
If there is a GUI that allows for local and remote connections, and if the remote computers can make an Automatic connection to the Server upon powering up, then perfect
Me personally, I am changing my religion from Mac OS to Linux Mint, while the partners in crime are still running Windows and Mac respectively.

Thank you in advance

I would recommend that you actually purchase services to help you design your factory /remote access solution. It sounds like you guys need to settle on an standardized infrastructure. That doesnt means workstations cant be a mixture of various OS. It will make things more difficult but can be done. Im retired and dont need a job but would tell you that you need to come up with a security policy. Need to take care of AAA, (Access, Authorization, Accounting). Access what resources you can reach, how do folks authenticate, and what kind of activity are you logging/monitoring. You will want to pay particular attention to remote access. The scariest part of remote access if folks connect things that are out of your administrative control. I may be over thinking things for you but promise you over emphasis on being secure will save you in the long run. One minute of indiscretion can cost your company a lot.
I agree with @jpnilson. Going it alone without the knowledge and experience is a recipe for disaster for your company in a myriad of ways. (security, hardware, management, business continuity, etc)
Thank you for the answers so far.
What services do you recommend that I purchase?
I would google small business IT services and get a few quotes. I wish you good luck

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