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Hello everyone!

I've got question for all of you, what's the best Linux solfware out there? I'm currently using Xubuntu and it has pretty much everything what i need. :cool:

I think you hit it when you said it does everything that you need. I am personally more geared toward RPM based distros. OEL, RHEL, Centos, and Fedora.
I have been using linux mint. I had some serious issues trying to install other distros on my old laptop, and mint was the only one capable of the job. What I like about linux is that no matter what the distro is you can easily download all the tools you need so simply.
I thoroughly recommend Linux Mint 9 LTS and Linux Mint 10 Main Edition which are built upon Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Long Term Support) and Ubuntu 10.10 they are easy to install and easy to use plus they come with much of the software you are likely to need preinstalled.
If you mean Best linux Distro, then it's got to be Linux Mint for desktop or a notebook, it's topping the downloads charts and it's probably won over Ubuntu.

For servers CentOS and Debian are my favorites.
I have used Linux Mint since Mint 10, and tried Ubuntu 11.10, Mandriva 2011, Mint 11 Gnome and Kubuntu 11.10. In my opinion, the best and most stable is still Mint 11. It has the good ol' Gnome 2 which is much better than Gnome 3 Shell. It is also as stable as a rock and some more.
Depends on how you define best.

If you mean the best distro to get the job done with the least resources, I would say Puppy Linux. I know there are distros smaller than Puppy Linux but it's the only one I could get to work on my old laptop.

If you mean the best distro with the best access to the largest database of programs, then I would say Ubuntu. Any flavor of Ubuntu should be fine. Presently I am using Lubuntu. Somehow I am beginning to get attached to the LXDE interface. It's simple yet has all the tools I need.
In the Ubuntu Software Center you can get qcad, kicad; Or for something less like cad cam you can download Gimp. You can also look at the Paint programs on They are also for linux.
I'm a noob myself and don't really know anything other than mint but I will say Im finding mint to be the most user friendly . Well beginner friendly anyways :)
The best distro for is bodhilinux, its definitely smaller than the rest of the full operating system. The best software in linux i could consider is inkscape. Definitely worth to learn especially if you like crating banners and logos for websites.
I'm looking for a Linux Distro, or two, to be able to accomplish two separate tasks. One to act as sort of a firewall, or one for networking in general, and the second task is to use on my home workstation for Graphics... I like to use Blender on my computer, I use Windows, but I want a good change of environment. I've used Ubuntu on and off for years, but this new Unity interface just blows... Any Ideas?
If you want to use Ubuntu, but don't like Unity, just download and install Ubuntu with one of the other DEs, like xubuntu or Lubuntu to get Xcfe or LMDE, respectfully. If you already have Ubuntu with Unity, you can install another desktop along side Unity.

sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

Blender should be available in all of the major distro's repositories.

Also, any major distro should handle the firewall part. What components are going to be involved?

Also, how are you planning to hook this up? Cable modem --> Firewall computer --> wireless router or something like that?
I'm going to assume you're asking for the best Linux programs.

IMO Chrome is the best browser, Thunderbird is the best email client, and I like Rhythmbox for music. OpenShot has got to be the best for video editing.

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