Best convertible under 1,5 kg and 1.000 euros


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Dear all,
I'm looking for a convertible that is quite lightweight (max. 1,5 kg), can endure a long time (+5 years) and has the best value for money. I will run only Linux (Manjaro KDE) in it. I'm a lecturer in social sciences, I'll use the notebook for reading PDFs, making notes, writing papers and browsing. I will often make public presentations with it (lectures, research meetings and so on). At work I'll have a docking station for a HP Elitebook. I know nothing about docking stations, then I don't know if this one would work out of the box for other HP models. This could be a point for a HP, but not decisive if other models would definitely be better. After some research, I've found these four options that seem interesting:
  • Lenovo Yoga C740-14IML 14" FHD IPS, Intel Core i5-10210U, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD
  • Lenovo ThinkPad University L13 Yoga, Intel Core i5-10210U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD
  • HP ENVY x360 13-ar0107ng 13,3" FHD IPS Touch, Ryzen 7-3700U, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD
  • HP ENVY x360 13-ar0104ng 13,3" FHD IPS Touch, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, 8GB RAM, 512 SSD
What do you think of them? Would you go for any of them considering value for money? Or rather anything else?




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I don't want to lead you. I think you should make your own decision.You can look at this link:
Thanks! Yes, these lists are a good start. I had already seen the one you suggested. HP Envy x360 is in it. In this one: , Lenovo Yoga C740 appear at the second place. But these lists are also too generic. Besides, and this is important for me, most of them assume that you'll be running Windows, while I'm a Linux user. This might make a difference in evaluating Intel x AMD processors, for example, but I don't know if it really does. And maybe, by looking at the specs and the respective prices, you guys could help me to evaluate whether is it worth to pay 920 euros for Ryzen 7 (or Core i5 10th) + 16 GB RAM instead of paying 690 for a Ryzen 5 + 8 GB RAM. Any say?


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Think like i5 and i7. The silicone structure of R7 is better than R5. That's why you get higher performance. The silicone structure of R5 is also better than that of R3. According to the quality, price and performance are offered. Ryzen 7s are stronger than Ryzen 5s. Of course, if we are talking for the same series.If you look at the usage area(write article read pdf etc.), Ryzen 5 seems more logical. It would be unreasonable to pay more money.

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