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best back up software


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...for linux mate...
Linux Mint MATE? And version 18.3 and onwards?

GUI or command line?

G'day Chris, you got me first again :)

Mint's own tool is Mint Backup, referred to as Backup Tool, and is under Administration on yours.

Timeshift has shipped installed since 18.3 and is under System Tools on yours.

alternativeto.net have some here


and there is a Top 15 article, looks dated around May last year by the comments


About half of those listed therein can be found in your Synaptic Package Manager, under a search on "backup".

You can read more on Timeshift at my Tute here - https://www.linux.org/threads/timeshift-similar-solutions-safeguard-recover-your-linux.15241/ ... and ask any questions there.

Developer of Timeshift, Tony George, pays tribute to BackInTime, and Timeshift itself is built on rsync.

I use Timeshift for all my needs, set to full snapshot, on demand, all files user and root, and it never lets me down.

But (Wizard's but is never far behind him)

The best backup tool, IMO, is the person who sits at the chair at your computer, who plans ahead to cover all bases on what is precious or indispensable, and then having covered the essential bases, has the guts to blow away a Distro and then replace it, and learn.


Chris Turner


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Timeshift, if you are running a latest Mint edition, must probably is in there.


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