Best Arch Based Distro

Hello it's me again.
I am hoping to replace Ubuntu with Arch linux or and Arch based distro.
which ones are the best.
- Zaki


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Unless you are really good at source code and compiling code I'd go for Manjaro.

Arch Linux is not for the novice.


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Arcolinux is worth a look.

So is Swagarch

Got manjaro it's good


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Unless you are really good at source code and compiling code I'd go for Manjaro.

Arch Linux is not for the novice.
True, but it's not IMPOSSIBLE to wrangle.

One requirement is being comfortable with the command line. That is mandatory.

Otherwise, you can follow the installation instructions on the Arch Wiki and do a search for any errors you encounter. There have been plenty of people who did the same thing.


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Give a try to ArcoLinux, it’s realy worth it.
If you don’t like distro itself you will like for sure their tutos.


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I enjoyed Bluestar and Anarchy with some brief trials, but I didn't use them long enough to give a strong approval. If I were switching to Arch-based, I would probably go for Arch itself... and force myself to learn. (But instead I am much too lazy for that.) o_O:D



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Go for the real Arch experience.

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Hi @Zaki SI-Lounis I second @poorguy suggestion, I'd only add that you first try in a VM in virtualbox or whatever other virtualization software you prefer and learn the whole install process as well as installing software, configuring and customizing the whole system before, that's how I did some years ago before going for the real deal, now I use Arch and while not an "expert" myself I can handle and solve most things on my own. Once you have learnt the "dos" and "don'ts" then you can try and install it in your real pc. It's not that difficult actually, and as for the compiling most of the time you won't have to, Arch's repositories have hundreds and hundreds of packages so in the rare event that you have to compile things from source yourself, Archs tools are great for that too and easy to use once you learn how. Read the wiki, that one is mandatory, not that you have to learn by heart every single item in there but you do need to read some stuff, cause there's plenty of good information you'll find useful. Now, Arch based distros I tried: Antergos, which was the best in my opinion but unfortunately is discontinued, however, you could try and install it since is still available to do so, at least for a time and then it'll stop from getting updates from Antergo's team and instead will start to receive from Arch's, which means you'll end up with Arch installed without the hassle to do a manual install yourself. Manjaro...I have mixed feelings about this one but you might try it and have a total different experience. ArcoLinux offers a good Arch experience, in my opinion. Again, I think the best way you can find out for yourself which one is the best option for you is by trying first in a VM.

Hope this helps! :)


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Here's an alternative way to get Arch installed and off to a good start imo.

Thx guys

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