Berusky 2 (Bugs Escape 3D)


Jarret W. Buse

Berusky 2 (Bugs Escape 3D)

For those game players who like a mental challenge and love puzzles, Berusky 2 is a great game for you. Personally, I love puzzle games and this one is one of the best I have seen in quite a while.

Berusky 2, or Bugs Escape 3D, is a true logic mind-bender. It has downloads for numerous Linux distros which can be found at You may also check your systems package manager (Synaptic) and get it there (berusky2).

The dependencies for Berusky 2 are:

  • berusky2-data
  • libalut0
  • libc6
  • libgcc1
  • libgl1-mesa-glx
  • libglu1-mesa
  • libopenal1
  • libsdl-image1.2
  • libsdl1.2-debian
  • libstdc++6
  • libvorbisfile3
  • libx11-6
  • zlib1g

At the time of the writing of this article, the current version is .10-1.

The main website is at

The game is played on a dimensional area of a limited space. The objective is to take a bug, in this case lady bugs, and move them around the area while maneuvering objects to be able to reach the end point. The end point consists of an exit which is shown in Figure 1. To complete a level, all bugs must reach the exit.

Figure 1.jpg


In the game, there are unmovable walls, as shown in Figure 2. These walls cannot be moved or managed in any way.

Figure 2.jpg


Bugs cannot jump off boxes, but can climb on them by going up a ramp or skew wall as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3.jpg


Within some levels, there are empty boxes as shown in Figure 4. These boxes have a weight of one unit. Each bug can move objects of two units. Two boxes can be pushed if they are stacked or one in front of the other. Once a box has been moved to a side wall, it cannot be moved away from the wall. Boxes in corners are stuck there. Be sure you push a box where you need it and no further. Stuck boxes which you need will require you to restart the level. Remember that a bug also has a weight of one unit. An empty box with a bug on it can be pushed. Boxes can be pushed off of other boxes, even with a bug on it. Boxes cannot be pushed onto bugs.

Figure 4.jpg


A full box, as shown in Figure 5, has a weight of two units.

Figure 5.jpg


To get rid of boxes, not the unmovable wall boxes, you can use an explosive box. One explosive box is shown in Figure 6. Another explosive box has yellow writing on it and sometimes a radioactive symbol. When the explosive box is pushed into an empty or full box, they both explode.

Figure 6.jpg


Within the game are unmovable stones, Figure 7. These cannot be pushed by a bug. Stones can be destroyed with a hack as shown in Figure 14.

Figure 7.jpg


There are buttons which can be used to activate lifts or teleports. A button is shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8.jpg


Figure 9 shows a lift. There are three different lift types as designated by their color.

  1. Yellow – activated by change on lift
  2. Red – activated by weight of a box or bug
  3. Blue – activated by a button only (Figure 8)
Figure 9.jpg


At times, there are unstable floors. These floors can only hold a weight of one or it will break. An unstable floor is shown in Figure 10.

Figure 10.jpg


Some levels of the game contain water. A bug can walk through shallow water, but requires a snorkel to breathe in deep water. A snorkel is shown in Figure 11.

Figure 11.jpg


Some levels of the game will provide a vitamin. When taken, the bug will have double strength which lasts until the end of the level. Instead of being able to push two units, the bug can push four units. A vitamin pill is shown in Figure 12. Only one vitamin can be taken by any bug during a level.

Figure 12.jpg


Weights can also exist in a level as shown in Figure 13. A weight will double the bugs weight and cannot be dropped.

Figure 13.jpg


The last item is a hack. When a bug gets this, it can destroy a stone (Figure 7) by walking into it. The hack cannot be switched from one bug to another. Be sure the proper bug gets it and you remember which one has it.

Figure 14.jpg


Some game tips to remember:

  • Press Escape to get to a menu
  • When you have a stuck box you need, restart the level with the 'r' key
  • To maneuver the board, use Shift and the mouse
  • To move the camera, use CTRL and the mouse
  • Us the '0' and '.' key on the numeric keypad to rotate the game board 90 degrees
  • Zoom in and out with '+' and '-' keys
  • Press 'c' to center the board on the screen
  • Go into the Settings and select the display icon to set the game to Fullscreen

For a sample of an easy level, the following is an animated GIF of one:

easy level1.gif



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