Benefits of using Wayland even while using XWayland


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May 21, 2023
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Why choose to use Wayland with XWayland instead of simply running Xorg? In general, I understand that using XWayland removes some of the benefits using Wayland gives you, but does using XWayland completely eliminate the benefits Wayland gives you in the first place?

Why choose to use Wayland with XWayland instead of simply running Xorg?
As mentioned in those links by dos2unix, it will depend on which X apps one uses because not all will work under XWayland, and some will only work at a reduced level. At present, Wayland is not equipped to handle the multitude of great window managers that have grown up under X, so for users who don't use the relatively heavier installations of Desktop Environments but rather install window managers alone, Wayland is not quite there yet. Online there are already a number of users grieving the expected loss of some X window managers that are not expected to be ported or handled by Wayland.
Really cannot have great liberty using GNOME in "Y-land" mode with non-GNOME applications. And some of the apps attributed to GNOME such as File Roller have to be deeply revised in code.

Dragon drop works from File Roller to "nautilus". But it doesn't work from File Roller to Nemo or Thunar or a different file manager. Must change to "X-dot-org" mode. This was a tip given to me by somebody in EndeavourOS forums, otherwise I was ready to get rid of GNOME installation. This depends on the application because I'm only talking about one. Get better kilometers out of it than I could.

I'm writing this from EndeavourOS GNOME and it's been a month it has been installed. :) However the problem with "mutter" is just sick, unable to remember which app windows the user prefers maximized. I was supposed to update it today but since Arch Linux are making a transition with their repos I would have to hold on until tomorrow.

UPDATE: I wound up uninstalling it. The thing remained insolent even after "mutter" was updated, and I had poor performance. I'm sick and tired of "Cantarell" font everywhere. I'm not even allowed to install an extension to do anything about it. The disk is a lemon where I installed it to also.
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