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Call me blind, but I didn't realise this was a thing. I've noticed now and here's my intro.

From Scotland, and in my 20s. The profiles I've clicked on so far all say they're 50+ in age, so that makes me feel young.

Currently switching to Linux Mint MATE from Windows 10. I think we all know how bad Win10 is, but I'll give an overview of my experience:

  • Loved Windows 7, had it on my old desktop. When I built this desktop a few years ago (my first own build btw) I decided to buy a win10 USB. I made sure to set up a local user account and turn off all that bad stuff (the ones that you had a choice in at least). This is important because:
  • The first time I used the windows store was the 2 free weeks of Sea of Thieves. I ended up not buying it, which I am glad about. Not only was it a bare-bones game on lunch (and as such, I will never go back no matter how good it is now -- I find most "early access" games abuse that title... and SoT wasn't even suppose to be EA!)
  • But, when I logged in with my Microsoft email for the first time, a pop-up asked "do you want the windows store to remember these details?" That is the wording it used, and keep that in mind. Apparently, that sentence means "Do you want your Microsoft account to take over your system". As in, I no longer had a local user account, my PC account was my Microsoft account. And yes, I was fuming for days even after I fixed it (and I'm not sure if i even fixed it fully).
  • It was the October 2018 update that made me decide to get rid of windows 10. Now, I'm smart enough to not rush something like that. I've used windows all my life, I would need to prepare. So I have been, for months preparing to switch. I am currently fixing a few issues before I permanently switch by replacing my Win10 SSD with Linux.
  • The October update was the one that literally wiping some people's storage data. An OS update, wiping whole storage devices. I was lucky that I didn't lose everything and what I did lose I had backed-up. You see, I've heard it had something to do with your user folders (documents, music etc) being on a separate physical drive than your OS. It was with this October update that my green HDD that had my personal folders in started to corrupt files randomly on access. I am convinced the update did this. Do I know this for sure? I don't, but that is my belief anyway. Hell of a coincidence if these 2 things were unrelated.
  • Those were the major issues I've had with win10, but there are TON of little, consistent bugs that are just annoying. The latest has to be: every time I open spotify, the window will flash at epileptic rates, showing the desktop background with each flash even if another window is underneath before settling. One example of many minor issues with win10. I'm done with it.
I salvaged old HDDs from my old win7 &, if you believe it, the old WinXP desktop too. (Also had a look in them before reformatting, was interesting). All 3 HDDs are still connected, I guess I could take the green out since it's corrupting files on access.

I also work from home so I need to be comfortable with my PC. Both for work and recreation, I can't stand Win10 any more.

As for my work? I'm a story-teller. That's what I call myself. I spent 2 years learning profession writing (and earnt a bit too, which is a good measurement to prove to yourself your success on learning the foundations of the profession). Now I'm learning art. Why? I never wanted to write prose, I want to do visual story-telling.

There's a fundamental principle for fiction writing: "Show don't tell". Well, I decided to take it a bit too literal: I will be a visual story-teller with comics and animation!

I'll stop here as this is getting a bit long. P.S. Richard Williams is the objectively best animator to have existed so far fight me over it.


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Never too late to say "Hi" Sasha and a both formal and warm welcome to :)

That October 18 one (Windows) must have been a doozey, it has brought us a fair bit of business in terms of new and blossoming advocates for Tux the Penguin's product. The Dozer's loss, our gain.

Although we support the right and desire of Members to dual boot, particularly those whom may find it hard to find an acceptable substitute for one or two pieces of software.

As for our ages, I have not seen the demographics, there are certainly many of us "Seniors" around and more joining daily, some with close to 30 years of experience with Windows as I have. But likewise our category of "young'uns" is broad too, so I doubt you will feel like you are in an old people's home :)

Teenagers like @Peer have schools in Germany that are forward-thinking in having a part of their curriculum that includes Linux, and that is wonderful to see this embracing of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) not only taking root, but likely to grow like a mighty oak tree.

I had better stop here, for fear of hijacking your introduction :D

Enjoy your Linux, Sasha ... we do.


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