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I'm a total noob when it comes to Linux and in my searching I found this post in the Ubuntu forums that's been very useful. It has links to lots of tutorials and PDFs mostly geared towards new users learning the command line.

What other resources would you recommend for a complete newbie like myself? Helpful programs, guides, tips and tricks? Anything you found particularly useful when you first started using Linux? :)

I myself am completely new to Linux. I almost have no experience whatsoever, but I am planning on buying a Linux when I have the complete knowledge on the topic. I recommend consulting some For Dummy's books beforehand so that you can at least have some knowledge.
You don't have to buy linux to experience it. Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint, and several others are free to use. Using forums like this one to help get you through issues or bug are how most of us do things.

Keep in mind that man pages are your friend. Many times the answer that I have been looking for has been found in a manpage.
Yes I agree with grim76, don't ever pay for linux, the thing that makes it work is that it is free.

A lot of trial and error is required in the beginning because it is different to windows, but that doesn't mean it is worse. It can do a lot of things, just be patient.

The thing I found most frustrating as a newbie was trying to install programs, but once you learn the magic of apt-get install will be flying high!
Well, we are always here for you to help, you just have to ask! :)

Also, there are plenty of good tips on the net, for instance, I really like HowtoGeek's Linux section, but that's just one, I'm sure you could find what you need with Google! :)
Google is defiantly your friend when It comes to linux, because it is open source, people are very willing to share their secrets, I find that anyway. I agree with Remp the HowtoGeek is a great source for beginners.
Yeah... as a beginner Google is definately the number 1 resource, if you can't find what you're looking for in Google then you can just ask here.

If you want to get started in Terminal I would say practice: move files from x to y, list files in a folder, etc. and use the 'man' command very often, it's really helpful.

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