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May 12, 2022
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Greetings. . I need to convert a normal bash file, which in this case it's a "dockerfile" or docker build file from Arch to Debian. Is there any lazy script hanging around on github that fellow users are aware of ? Any app that converts these commands from a distro-specific to another ?
(there r tools to for example run .rpm on deb or .deb on fedora I'm not looking for that. I just need to convert some scripts.)

Moving this to Command Line, where scripting inquiries are handled.

in terms of changing specific text in the script, this works pretty easily:

sed 's/<old-text>/<new-text>/g' <file>

use that to see if the text is being changed the way you want it to, then put the "-i" option after "sed" in order to change the file instead of send the text to your output. If you want to go back on your changes, just run the command again with the old and new text reversed. However, you are not being specific at all in terms of what you want to change.
Hello pedro ... this may be helpful:

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